Skin Evaluation & Assessment

An in depth consultation and assessment of the skin to achieve a better skin condition and provide solutions using our Observe 500 skin analysis machine. Assessment ensures your first steps to a successful treatment and skin prescription.


$65 Redeemable on products.

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Reveal fresher, brighter, more youthful skin. This treatment uses special diamond tips to gently exfoliate away the outermost layer of dead skin cells, promoting collagen and elastin production and improving blood circulation, lymph drainage and skin oxygenation.

You’ll be able to see immediate results after this non-invasive treatment, though for the best results we do recommend 6 sessions.

Ideal for treating:

Fine lines and wrinkles
Acne, blackheads and congestion
Acne scarring
Pigmentation issues and discoloration
Dull complexion
Ageing and Sun damage
Stretch marks
Enlarged Pores

Single Session - $122
3 Session Upfront Payment - $310
6 Session Upfront Payment - $610

Microdermabrasion Treatment, Mask & LED $180 – Our most popular microdermabrasion treatment includes, a hydrating hyaluronic acid mask and LED treatment to further increase hydration levels and enhance the results of the treatment.

Microdermabrasion & Mask $144 - Includes a hyaluronic Acid Mask to increase hydration and soothe the skin.

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Micro Needling Dermapen 4

Restore your skin to its smooth, youthful texture and reduce scarring on any area of the body. This treatment is the perfect solution for a wide range of cosmetic treatments, including skin tightening, lifting and rejuvenating, softening fine lines and wrinkles and minimising open pores. It also greatly improves pigmentation concerns and reduces acne scars. It does this all by encouraging the production and distribution of new collagen and elastin, resurfacing, re-texturizing and renewing skin; it also builds healthy, firm skin in any scarred regions.

This treatment is non-invasive and involves very little downtime. It is safe for all skin types and colours. And it’s not just limited to the face. Micro Needling is suitable for the neck, décolletage, hands and many other areas. It is most effective when done as part of a course of treatments. The most common recommendation is 3-6 treatments, but will of course vary based on what we are treating.

*This is not suitable for those taking certain acne medications or for women who are pregnant. A thorough consultation is required before proceeding with this treatment.

Ideal for:

Fine Lines and Wrinkles
Smoker’s Lines
Enlarged Pores
Hyperpigmentation, Age Spots and Sun Damage

Read more about Micro-needling with Dermapen 4

Single treatments
Face only $280
Face and Neck $330

Other Areas – Pricing decided after consultation
*** Based on what we’re treating, a package may be a better and more cost effective option. Please inquire, and we can go over the best package for your unique needs.

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LED Light Therapy

Stimulate your skin at a cellular level in order to enhance cell function, improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, encourage wound healing and rejuvenate the skin and reduce acne. LED Light Therapy is a painless, non-invasive, safe treatment that uses light diodes to send precise wavelengths of light into your skin. It stimulates collagen and elastin production and repairs damaged skin.

Our Healite II, developed by the guru in LED technology, Dr. Glen Calderhead, is the top-of-the-line technology commonly used by cosmetic surgeons. With this technology, you can ensure that maximum energy is being delivered directly to your tissue for maximum results.

Ideal for treating:

Fine Lines and wrinkles
Active acne
Pain reduction (such as is associated with chronic arthritis)
Wounds and Bruising
Large pores and uneven skin texture

**Enhances the results of facials, micro-dermabrasion and peels
**Suitable for all ages and skin types

LED Light Therapy can be done on its own or as an add-on to any service

Single Treatment - $90
As an Add-On to a Facial - $45
Courses available

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AHA Peel

Transform dull and lifeless skin into smooth, radiant skin through deep exfoliation. AHA peels are high tech skincare treatments containing glycolic, lactic, malic, tartaric, and citric acids that gently dissolve dead skin cells to reveal a softer, healthier looking complexion. Ultimate results are reached with a course of 6 treatments.
This process reveals new, evenly pigmented skin that feels great to the touch.

Ideal for:

Uneven Skin Tone
Fine Lines and Wrinkles
Dull, Lifeless Complexion

As an Add-On $25

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Lira Clinical Peels

Correct, lighten and hydrate precisely where your skin needs it. Lira peels use a specially-formulated combination of healing minerals, botanical extracts and plant stem cells to gently resurface the skin revealing a beautiful, more vibrant complexion and improving the overall health and vitality of your skin.

Ideal for:

Uneven Pigmentation
Fine Lines and Wrinkles
Sun Damage
Acne and Scarring
Rosacea/Sensitive Skin

We have four distinct Lira Clinical Peel formulas based on your unique skin concerns.

Designed to treat all forms of pigmentation by lightening the skin using LIRA Clinical advanced brightening technology. Improves overall skin tone and pigmentation for brighter, healthier and more hydrated skin. Ideal for all global skin types.

Works to restore the skin to its youthful glow. Creates more volume in the skin while simultaneously targeting fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation concerns.

Developed to treat all grades of acne by correcting and balancing the skin’s natural oils and bacteria. Reduces congestion blackheads, open pores and inflammation often associated with acne. Formulas use carefully selected ingredients designed to treat and eliminate the bacteria that allows acne to persist.

Created to strengthen skin immunity and reduce inflammation through reparation and rebuilding of the skin’s barrier. When your skin barrier is functioning at its optimal level, your skin will be stronger and less subject to redness.

We recommend a full skin consultation before settling on a treatment course. The consultation will ensure that all the relevant factors are taken into consideration, and that you achieve the best results for your specific skin concern.

Pigmentation Program
Starter program
Includes 4 homecare products and 2 lactic peels $654
Full course
Includes 4 homecare products and 6 lactic peels $1041
Saving $129

Anti –Aging program
Starter program
Includes 4 homecare products and 2 Jessner peels $765

Full Course
Includes 4 homecare products and 6 Jessner peels $1242
Saving $159

Acne Program
Starter Program
Includes 4 homecare products and 2 Green peels $627

Full course
Includes 4 homecare products and 6 Green peels $1107
Saving $160

Rosacea/ Sensitive skin
Single treatment
Peel + LED  $162

Starter program
Includes 4 homecare products and 2 Vitabrite peels $721 Saving $24

Full Course
Includes 4 homecare products and 6 Vitabrite peels $1162
Saving $159

Skin needs to be prepped with Lira Clinical prescribed products for 2 weeks prior to all peels except Vitabrite treatments.

*Please note, if you classify as a high Fitzpatrick, you will also need to be on Lira’s pigment inhibitor to prep the skin and to avoid hyperpigmentation post treatment.

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Dermal Fillers

Restore lost volume and structure to your skin’s surface. The skin’s natural stores of hyaluronic acid diminish during the ageing process. Our dermal fillers are designed to mimic this natural enzyme and are injected in key locations to improve skin tone. With dermal fillers, you always get subtle, natural looking improvements that last anywhere from 6-18 months.

Starting at $250 per ml and going up to $600 per treatment
Costs vary based on the area being treated.
Results vary from person to person.

Quotes given after a thorough consultation, free of charge.

Ideal for:

Lip Enhancement
Full Face Rejuvenation
Volume Replacement
Acne Scarring
Deep Lines and Wrinkles
Eye Enhancement, notably tear troughs, dark circles, and sunken under-eye area

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Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Achieve a natural, refreshed and healthy complexion. Soften and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while also preventing deep wrinkles from forming in common areas. Our anti-wrinkle injections relax the local muscles that often tense to create familiar lines around the mouth, eyes and forehead. A very small amount of anti-wrinkle solution is injected into the muscles that cause your fine lines and wrinkles and are designed to smooth them away.

Ideal for:

Crow’s Feet
Expression Lines/Frown Lines
Neck and Forehead Creases

Please allow 2-4 days before seeing results.
Peak results usually occur between 4-14 days

Quotes given after a thorough consultation, free of charge.

**We employ a highly trained Registered nurse experienced in cosmetics for administering these injections.

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IPL Photorejuvenation

What is photorejuvenation ?

Photorejuvenation is a non-invasive skin procedure utilising an intense pulse light machine (IPL). IPL differs from laser treatments as it offers a non-ablative solution to improving the texture, quality, colour and health of your skin. IPL is not a laser but a broad wavelength light that is pulsed onto the skin and can treat multiple conditions simultaneously; including broken veins and capillaries, redness of the skin, age spots, mottled pigmentation, benign brown pigment and freckles. Treatment can take place over the entire body with face, neck and décolletage being the most popular areas. We see hands and shoulders being treated also.

How will I benefit from having photorejuvenation treatment, and when will I see the improvement?
In addition to improving uneven skin color, sun damage, facial redness (Rosacea), and pigmentation, the heat energy stimulates new collagen production beneath the skin surface which remodels the collagen, firms the skin and shrinks the pores. After a series of photorejuvenation treatments at intervals spaced 4 weeks apart; a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles can also be seen. The skin appears more luminous, brighter and smoother. Improvements can be seen 10 days following the first treatment and enhanced results can be seen with each subsequent treatment.

How will my skin look immediately following a photorejuvenation treatment?
Initially the skin will feel warm similar to a mild sunburn sensation and the treated area will remain pink for 2 or 3 hours. Some mild swelling may occur; this is transient and will subside 2 days following the treatment. If treating pigmented conditions, the pigment will become darker and will remain dark for 3 – 4 days. Four days following treatment, the darkened pigment will gradually shed from the skin, and new pigment-free skin will emerge. Spider veins and broken capillaries clear almost immediately following the treatment and continue to improve.

Do I have to stay out of the sun?
It is important to protect your skin from direct sun exposure over the series of your treatments and it is highly recommended to use a spf30+ sunblock. Solariums and sun bathing are to be avoided.

Photorejuvenation treatments can be carried out all year round as long as you are not planning to be in full sun exposure immediately following a treatment.

How often should I have photorejuvenation, and what can I do to maintain the result?
Ideal results are obtained by undergoing a series of treatments. This may be between 2 -6 treatments, depending upon the condition to be treated. After the initial series of photorejuvenation treatments most of the improvements are permanent however in order to maintain the results some future maintenance may be required and this varies from person to person.

Skincare that compliments the photorejuvenation treatment should be added into your daily regime. It is highly recommended to commence the use of Skincare that has high levels of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Hylauronic Acid and other potent Anit-oxidants, 3 weeks prior to your first photorejuvenation treatment. This should be maintained throughout the entire course of the treatment series and can be continued long term. The use of a zinc based spf30+ sunblock is also highly recommended for long term use.

Other ‘non-invasive’ procedures such as Microdermabrasion can be used in combination with photorejuvenation for superior results.

Are there any possible side effects?
Photorejuvenation is generally a very safe ‘no downtime’ procedure. There are some very mild side effects that can occur and these are generally associated with darker skin types and excessive sun exposure

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Diathermy can successfully treat smaller dilated capillaries, spider veins and skin tags.

Diathermy uses heat to cauterise tissue and blood vessels with a fine, single use needle applied just underneath the surface of the skin.

Price on consultation

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For permanent hair removal.

We use the Blend technique which is a combination of heat and current to speed up the chemical reaction to destroy the hair follicle. It is a very precise and effective form of electrolysis.

A very fine, sterile probe is inserted into the hair follicle without piercing the skin. A small current is then introduced to the base of the hair follicle in order to cut off the blood supply and stop growth of the hair.

Electrolysis is a progressive treatment, as each hair needs to be treated multiple times as there are different stages of growth.

Electrolysis is a 100% permanent hair removal process.

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High Frequency Healing

Assists in killing stubborn acne bacteria under the skin. It reduces and lessens the severity of the breakout.

It has a germicidal,  anti-bacterial effect, drying and healing pustular infection.

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